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2022 L3Harris International Wireless Users Group

Training Symposium Registration

A copy of the tentative agenda can be downloaded here: L3Harris Users Group Training Symposium Tentative Agenda 062322.pdf


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Please select all training sessions you plan on attending. Technical Training classes are limited to Users Group Members & Indirect Partners.

Technical Training Classes

  • Symphony Console Configuration

    Symphony Console Configuration

    Monday 9am-12:30pm

    The console configuration portion of the training includes a detailed operational overview that introduces the various features and capabilities of the console. Participants will be shown the configuration utility to explore the various settings and how these settings impact the operation of the console. With an understanding of the Configuration Utility settings, participants will have the requisite knowledge to define the parameters that best satisfy operational needs. These settings will be saved and used as a template to set up additional consoles. Additionally, the operating characteristics of the console will be defined, and the Configuration Editor will be used to create setups to address the various functions required. This includes performing the following tasks:

    > Adding, renaming, and deleting workspace tabs
    > Designing communications modules (i.e., entities, colors, sizes, etc.)
    > Adding, deleting, and moving communication modules
    > Changing the sidebar panel layout
    > Creating, switching, deleting and password protecting console setups
    > Setting encryption indicators and controls (if applicable)

    Attendees will receive credit and certificates for Symphony Console Configuration Training.

  • XL Radio Programming Essentials, Including OTAR and LTE Integration

    XL Radio Programming Essentials, Including OTAR and LTE Integration

    This course provides instruction on programming and operating XL radios for system administrators, technicians, and anyone else who needs the knowledge and skills to program a radio to meet operational needs. Although the course focuses on the XL radio family, it is beneficial for anyone who needs to learn radio programming using the Radio Personality Manager 2 (RPM 2) application. In this course, participants learn the process of creating a master radio personality using RPM 2. This includes creating frequency and group sets to build “systems/zones,” and selecting radio options (i.e., power-up options, display settings, alert tones, timer settings, emergency features, supervisory features, etc.). The operational impact of selecting different options is explored and the modification of existing radio personalities is addressed. The training also includes manually generating and loading encryption keys using the Key Manager application, as well as the essential information required to set up a radio for Over-the-Air Rekeying, and integrating the P25 System onto LTE using the BeOn application.

    This is an all day class. Thursday 8:30am-4:30pm

    Attendees will receive credit and certificates for XL Radio Programming and Operations.

  • Mini P25 System Implementation Workshop

    Mini P25 System Implementation Workshop

    This 2-day (Thu/Fri 8:30am-4:30pm) hands-on workshop is an abbreviation of the standard, 5-day P25 System Implementation Workshop that allows system managers to progress through the various steps required to bring a new P25 System online. The content for this abbreviated Implementation Workshop will include a P25 System Overview, a mini-Fleet Mapping Workshop, and a demonstration of loading a fleet map into the Unified Administration System. Once the fleet map is loaded, the users will build a simple radio personality using their newly created talk groups. If time allows, a Symphony Console will also be set up to allow interaction with the radios using the new talk groups. This workshop offering is intended for those who may be new to L3Harris’ P25 Solution, or those who wish a brief refresher of content they previously learned.
    Participants will divide into teams to plan, implement, and operate the P25 radio system that will be onsite for the User Group Meeting. Activities include defining a fleet map, planning radio personalities, establishing UAS databases, configuring dispatch consoles, programming radios, and operating the system.

    Attendees will receive credit and certificates for the Abbreviated P25 System Implementation Workshop

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